“All the classes are very friendly and welcoming”

“I’m enjoying it very much and finding it very helpful for my fitness.”

“Helps you to loosen up and helps with the stiffness”

What is Sit to Get Fit?

Sit to Get Fit is a gentle exercise class conducted from a seated position. I have been running groups since May 2013 at doctors’ surgeries, sheltered accommodations and respite homes in and around the Bognor Regis area. I am trained in Seated Physical Exercise which is endorsed by the College of Occupational Therapists and accredited by OCNser.

How does it work?

The sessions are led by the instructor at a comfortable pace. If you feel the pace is too quick, there is no problem slowing to a pace that you are comfortable with.

Sessions will last for 45 minutes. The techniques used will be varied and aim to use lots of different muscle groups. For some exercises we use small or large balls and resistance bands. We will also use breathing techniques.

Community classes are open to all who want to attend. The average community class size is around 12 people, but larger classes can work too and so can one-to-one sessions or small groups. The emphasis will be on making the class social and enjoyable, whatever the size or setting.

People are amazed at the amount of exercise that can be achieved while sitting!

“Helped a lot for my lower back pain, arthritis in one hip and my hands”

Community class attendee, Bognor Regis

Who is it for?

Many people can benefit from Sit to Get Fit classes. It suits people of all ages and abilities. Those who want gentle exercise or perhaps those who haven’t exercised for a while. These exercise are a good way to start exercise or to ease your way back to exercise. The exercises can be easily adapted to different needs and abilities. Some people currently participating in the class include those recovering from strokes, those with Parkinson’s, Dementia and those with a physical disability or impairment. The age of participants currently ranges from 46 to 99, but I am always trying to widen this range.

“Exercise to your own ability, no complicated routines and plenty of smiles”

Class attendee

What are the benefits?

Gentle Seated Exercise helps to improve posture, circulation, flexibility, strength, mobility and general well-being. Participants feel better generally, they enjoy the classes in a relaxed atmosphere and they provide an excellent opportunity for social interaction which, for some participants, is an important factor. Those with Dementia and Parkinson’s have benefited because Sit to Get Fit helps with co-ordination and concentration.

Some people have improved their health a great deal since starting these exercise classes: One lady has postponed her knee replacement operation; another lady who had a painful, swollen shoulder is now pain free, and another man can now walk without his walking stick because the exercises have strengthened his muscles.

“I can walk without my stick because the Sit to Get Fit exercises have strengthened my muscles”

Care home resident, Littlehampton

How much does it cost?

I have kept charges to a minimum because I want to make the exercise classes affordable.


  • At care homes and respite homes, sessions are pre booked by the managers of the facility. Residents are free to attend at no cost to the individual. Please use the contact us if you wish to arrange a session at your home.
  • At other venues, doctors’ surgeries, sheltered accommodations and other places in the community, the cost to individuals can be as little as £4 per session.

“Pay as you go. No fees, try a class – there is nothing to lose and plenty to gain”

Class attendee, Bognor Regis

Where and when are the classes?

To check the open community classes currently running, please visit the Classes page.

I have been running groups since May 2013, at doctors’ surgeries, sheltered accommodations and respite homes. Classes in these settings are for the residents or registered patients only and can be provided free at the point of access (fees are often covered by the care home/surgery).

I would be happy to discuss setting up a new class in your home, surgery or community.

What do people say?

There have been many wonderful stories of how attending the classes have helped improve people’s health and wellbeing.

  • The classes helped elderly members of the community recover from polymyalgia rheumatica, which can cause considerable pain, especially in the mornings. Untreated, these symptoms can last over a year, or even as much as five years. Sit to Get Fit has proved an effective form of recovery after six months of regular attendance.
  • Somebody attending the classes for 9 months was able regain continence control for the first time since a surgical procedure several decades ago, significantly helping with dignity and personal confidence.

“Before and after the [knee surgery] operation, Eileen advised me on [the] best exercises to strengthen muscles to help recovery, which was very helpful. But particularly it is the knowledge of all these simple exercises and breathing each week – I feel I have a complete ‘workout’ and use all muscles to be fit and able to work and be independent”

Class attendee, Bognor Regis

“I have peripheral neuropathy and the classes have helped me in exercising the muscles of my whole body while remaining safely seated. It has also introduced breathing techniques and got my heart pumping”

Community class attendee, Bognor Regis

“[I] was dubious that chair exercise was suitable for me. [I was] so wrong, chair exercise is so beneficial to all body parts”

Class attendee, Bognor Regis

How do I book a class?

Classes are arranged for residents of a particular home or sheltered accommodation, or for patients of a doctor’s surgery. If there is no class near you, please contact me and we can discuss establishing a new class. Please check the latest information to find your local class. Find Your Local Class

How do I find out more?

If you would like more information please get in touch with me. I would also love to hear from you about your experiences if you have attended a class before, or if you are interested in establishing a new class at your care home, doctors’ surgery, or in your community.

Tel: 07510 154561